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Does your IT organization too often operate in crisis mode? Can your IT infrastructure scale to meet future demands? Is the value of IT fully understood in your business? Are you getting independent,unbiased advice on the right technology solutions?

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InSource Announces Exhibitor Sponsorship of Knowledge 14

InSource Announces Exhibitor Sponsorship of Knowledge 14 InSource today announced it (read more)

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Insource Now, a top employer of computer consultants in the Philadelphia business journalís 2013 book of lists.


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Wayne, PA

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InSource is one of the premier staffing agencies in Philadelphia with a strong history of staffing IT departments of all sizes. From filling in spaces in existing IT departments to developing entirely out-sourced departments to handle growing and existing IT demands, InSource is one of the few staffing agencies in Philadelphia with the knowledge and expertise to find the best candidates and to successfully match them with appropriate career opportunities. For job-seekers, InSource is a flexible partner in researching and matching candidates with fast-growing companies that require exceptional IT staffing. In fact, InSource has one of the highest permanent placement rates of all staffing agencies in Philadelphia because we work hard to match the job to the candidate, rather than simply attempting to fill gaps.

For small companies and startups InSource is among the best choices of staffing agencies in Philadelphia, because we can help to develop agile, lean, and highly talented IT departments while remaining sensitive to the budget constraints that small businesses have. For larger companies that already maintain strong IT departments, InSource, more than all other staffing agencies in Philadelphia, offers the skills and expertise in selecting the highest quality candidates to strengthen and grow an IT department that is meeting new challenges or that is expanding beyond its current sustainable capacity.

Among other staffing agencies in Philadelphia, InSource stands alone as a premier agency that attracts top talent in the IT field, and that contracts with some of the most recognizable names in technology. This not only means that we have the experience necessary to identify and to address IT staffing issues, but also that we are a trusted partner in the technology field. For job-seekers, this means that InSource provides many opportunities for entry-level careers and career advancement, and for companies it means that we can fill their staffing needs with the best candidates available.